I’m Irhad Babic.

I’m 31, I’m married, father of two beautiful children, I’m senior software engineer, former boxer, hobbyist photographer/videographer, and I’m…


Basically I’m 1.80m tall (5′ 11″), and currently my current weight at the start of this project is at about 150Kg (330 lbs).

I’m really afraid for my health so I  decided to do something about this obesity issue. I could’ve just try working on myself in private, but to tell you a secret, I already tried that and I failed. Several times! I just was not motivated enough, my daily routine always took precedence over exercising, and I always fought daily stress with a HUGE daily dose of sugar and junk food. This time, I decided I’ll go public and put pressure on myself, so if I fail, everyone will know. That kind of scares me, I hate feeling like a failure in anything, in front of anybody, just as vast majority of people do. I hope this approach will get me long desired results.

This blog, as well as accompanying Youtube channel are the two places where I’ll post updates on my progress. Those updates will consist of:

  • WEEKLY UPDATES – In which I will be providing summary of all achievements/failures from the last week, as well as set goals and challenges for the next week. I will usually shoot/write these on weekends so they will be ready for publishing on Mondays.
  • MIDWEEK VLOGS/BLOGS – Will cover parts of my daily routine, exciting events, real-time struggles and confessions etc. The Vlogs/Blogs will usually cover more than one day in one article as I don’t dare doing daily blogs/vlogs simply because I don’t think I could find enough time. I will usually shoot these during work days, and publish them on Saturdays
  • MONTHLY REVIEWS- In monthly reviews, I will be doing detailed measurements of myself (weight, stomach size, chest size, etc.). I may even do medical checkups (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc). I will also give myself challenges on monthly basis that will be a bit bigger/harder than weekly ones, and I will set punishments for failing to raise up to them. I will consider all proposals for funny ways of punishing myself from the comments to blogs/videos so give your imagination some space and let it work…

Please give me your support on this long journey I’m about to embark upon by leaving your advice/critics/opinions/love in comments underneath blogs/vlogs. It will help me stick to the plan and motivate me to try harder.



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