So let’s begin with my very first Weekly Update. Usually, weekly updates will consist of recaps for the last week, and plans/challenges for the next. However, considering this is the first such article, there’s no recap here.

On Monday morning my weight was at about 148 kg, according to my scale. Problem is, my scale is actually manual, there’s a wheel that rotates and shows how much pressure one is putting on the scale surface. Also, the scale’s supposed to measure up to 130 Kg. So when I stepped on it, it went the whole circle, and then 18 more Kg. That was soooooooo embarrassing…

I know my biggest obstacle to changing my lifestyle to better will actually be my nutrition and eating habits, and I wanted to start with that, but…

It was always natural for me to be mindful of what, how, and how much I eat, when I was in training. On top of that, I really hate my current habits and mostly sitting around all the time (at work, at home, at my friends). That’s why I decided to put emphasis on physical activity this week. To start things up again.

I decided to make this official by declaring going to two training this week my weekly challenge. To make things more interesting, if I fail, my punishment will be for someone to punch me in the face. I know there are already people eager to see me get hit (some of my colleagues) like this, so I’m doing them a favor :).

Wish me luck.

I really have to take my butt off the couch – Weekly Update #1

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