Let me start with the most important information for this past week…

I completed the challenge successfully!!!!

I barely made it, but still… Basically I went to the gym on Sunday night, at 11:30PM. I decided to exercise my upper body, and did two to three sets for every upper body muscle group (chest, shoulders, upper back, biceps and triceps).

Pardon me, I need to make a small digression here :). I figured I won’t do typical body building workouts, exercising one or two muscle groups per training. Considering my primary goal for now is to get in shape and start losing fat, I figured it’s better for me to engage as many muscles as I can, at once, hoping my calorie consumption¬† will increase that way. This is also something Bill Phillips is a big proponent of, and he recommends similar approach to exercising in his Body For Life program. Once, long ago, I tried his program for 12 weeks and it worked really well. Most probably I will do the same again, in few weeks.

However, my training could hardly be worse. Basically I was totally out of shape. I was not able to break a sweat properly, as my muscles would give up on lifting much before I would break it. Also, I don’t have nearly as much strength as I used to. I was struggling to do 8-10 repetitions on a bench press with 80Kg of weight. The only bright spot for the whole evening was actually my triceps workout. Interestingly, my arms were not that bad. I was doing 15 reps sets with 70Kg on cable pulling triceps press. Anyways, I now have a reference, and quite a low one. I can hardly do worse, so hopefully it won’t be that hard to start making progress.

Also, I decided for my 2. week, my challenge should be “No Refined Sugar”. This is going to be VERY HARD, as I eat insane amounts of sugar, but that’s probably most important thing to work on and to eventually change. So, no chocolate, candy, cookies, sugar sweetened juices, sodas, etc. The only thing I will allow myself consuming during the week will actually be energy drinks, as I very often sleep very little, and I need caffeine to stay awake, but I hate coffee. Actually I hate only the taste of coffee. I know this is yet another bad habit, but if I drop caffeine suddenly, I won’t be able to function properly, and my work will suffer, hence I really have to drop energy drinks gradually.

I don’t have anything else, stay tuned for Midweek Vlog and check back to see how my challenge went on the next Monday when I expect the next Weekly Update to be available.


No Refined Sugar Week – Weekly Update #2

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