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Couple of weeks ago I encountered some problems, at work I was not able to solve easily, and our sprint was closing it’s end, rapidly. I decided to stay late at work and try remedy the situation. Of course, that meant I’ll have to eat at least once more while at work, and ordering food was out of question because of my low carbs diet. Most of the fast food is packed with carbs, and picking quality food out of the package is just wasteful.

Hence I decided to improvise. I bought smoked  chicken breasts, and a cream cheese, and I already had some beef sausage in the fridge. I chopped chicken breasts and sausage to bites, and mixed the cream cheese in, and voila, I had a meal. If I’m not too lazy, I’ll try to provide nutritional facts about that later on. Don’t count on it though.

Although it looks gross, it goes down quite nicely. I had some Coke Zero as well, which was really handy.

This whole thing about preparing the meal, and mentioning in the video how I like really spicy food reminded me of something incredibly stupid I did in Seattle, about two years ago.

Namely, we were most often having lunch at this Thai restaurant with our CEO, on 3rd Ave if I’m not mistaken, and I was always asking for more chilly. My CEO, friend, and really cool guy, Adi, then told me about this place, Wingdom, or WingDome, not sure, and their “7 Alarm Challenge“.

They have like a scale of hotness for their meals, and that scale goes from 0 to 7. Seven being the hottest you can order.

In order to win the challenge, basically you were supposed to eat 7 of their chicken wings in 7 minutes, no more, no less. If you don’t eat all 7 wings in 7 minutes, you fail, if you eat them before 7 minute mark, you still have to wait for those 7 minutes to pass. If you consume anything else in those 7 minutes, you also fail. Also, you were supposed not to leave any meat on the bones, lick your fingers, eat all the salad, and scrape all the sauce from your plate. Allegedly the challenge was insanely hard.

I was intrigued (I’m really competitive by nature).

Adi also said that our colleague, Can, actually already won the challenge.

I was down. If Can could do it, I HAD TO do it

It took us few days, but we went to the place, Adi, two of our colleagues, Amela and Kreso, and me. We asked for the challenge and waitress brought the food, as well as a stopwatch, explained the rules once more, started the stopwatch and went after her business.

The firs wing was not so bad, it brought some tears into my eyes, but nothing special. I did, however, noticed how much of the damn sauce they put in the meal. By the second wing, things were getting much warmer, but it was bearable still. Not so much by the time I reached for the third one. From that moment on, I was no longer dealing with taste, but with bare pain. And all I was doing was just pushing through that pain. It felt like eating fire.

We were having a lot of laughs along the way, and you’d think that would’ve helped me, but you’d be wrong. Kreso was suffocating from laughter which in turn made me laugh, which made some sauce go into my nose. OH MY GOD. Most of my head was burning up, my mouth, my nose, my cheeks (because sauce was sticky and I had a lot around my lips and on my cheeks).

One by one I went through all of the wings, all of the lettuce, all of the sauce, and licked my fingers in 6:45, so I had to wait for 15 more seconds in order to be allowed to eat or drink anything else. I went through several “recovery packs”, washed my mouth and the face and waited for others to have their lunch.

So I won the challenge, food was on the house, I got my picture on the “wall of pain”, got a commemorative t-shirt and was feeling really proud of myself.

Couple of hours later, after we got back to our office building I realized I won’t be feeling good in no time, so I went back to my hotel. I was right, I was sick for the rest of the day, as well as whole next day. I felt as if I swallowed an anvil, my stomach hurt so much I could not walk upright. Even slightest of moves were making everything worse. I was forcing myself to throwing up, but it was not easy, nor very successful, although I managed to throw up a little bit.

Having that sauce with half digested food back in my mouth was not fun.

I consider this one of the most stupid moves I’ve ever made, but I know I would have regretted if I didn’t do it so in a way, I’m still really glad I did it.

Crazy, I know 🙂

Dummest Thing I’ve Ever Done? – Vlog #6

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